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Gaelic Football Power Rankings 2019

The first edition of the 2019 Gaelic Football Power Rankings.

Look it, it’s obvious Dublin are going to head these rankings. There’s nothing we can do about that. But the chasing pack is shaping up to be a very interesting list of contenders looking to put a stop to the five-in-a-row.

With the league just around the corner, here is our inaugural football power rankings for 2019. We’ll keep an eye on this over the course of the year and update intermittently.

For the hurling rankings, go here.

1 Dublin

On course to create history. Unlikely to meet a serious challenge in Leinster, and no-one particularly obvious emerging to halt the sky blue steam engine. The best around by quite a distance, yet it is still only January.

2 Tyrone

All-Ireland runners up and always there or thereabouts. Too soon for the Canavan protegé to be deemed the saviour of the Red Hands, but there are shoots of optimism that this team can mix it with the best.

3 Monaghan

A small county that regularly produces remarkable talents and punches well above their weight – and the team that everyone wants to see do well.

4 Galway

They had a very consistent 2018 before running into a familiar blue wall, losing only three games from a total of 15. Full of renewed vigour, the Tribesmen will be keen to earn another crack at the All-Ireland champions.

5 Kerry

In the minds of many, the main hope to stop the drive for five. Not helped by the lack of challenge in Munster, but the Super Eight format should, in theory, then help them to lead into the last four. Exciting prospect.

6 Donegal

Ulster champions of 2018, yet without facing either Tyrone or Monaghan. They will feel they have a lot to prove in 2019, having exited the championship at the hands of Mickey Harte’s side. They will be able to ply their trade in Division 2, and they would be expected to leave more of a mark in this years’ crusade.

7 Kildare

Rescued their season impressively after a shock defeat to Carlow in Leinster. A great victory over Mayo will mean they enter 2019 with plenty of confidence.

8 Roscommon

Super Eight finalists, yet they remain just outside the level of the elite. New management will bring a fresh approach, but it’s hard to see them progressing further than their 2018 rank.

9 Mayo

A while since they’ve been ranked this low. And yet, in the minds of many, they remain the chief challengers to halt the juggernaut. Unlikely to be as bad in 2019, yet still possibly lacking the force of old. James Horan clearly thinks otherwise.

10 Armagh

Despite crashing out of Ulster in Round 1, they rallied and registered three qualifier wins on the trot over Westmeath, Sligo and Clare. The arrival of Jamie Clarke bolsters their ranks significantly heading into 2019.

11 Laois

Too good for Division 4 last year, it’s not their fault they are in the same province as Dublin. A solid side, they will be seeking to go on a good qualifier run in 2019.

12 Fermanagh

Great Ulster campaign, but they will do well to remain in Division 2 and emulate the highs of 2018.

13 Meath

Unpredictable and won’t be able to challenge Dublin. It’s an obvious statement, but Leinster is crippled without a strong Meath.

14 Cork

Hammered in the Munster final and then hammered by Tyrone in the qualifiers, they remain a long way back in the chasing pack. Underage structures appear to be in need of reform to get the Rebels back to where they should be.

15 Tipperary

2018 was a backward step, yet the progress the Premier have made in football should still serve as inspiration to all counties where hurling is deemed the dominant sport. A surprising and bitterly disappointing loss to Cork took the wind out of their sails.

16 Clare

A constantly improving force. Narrowly beaten by Armagh in the Athletic Grounds, the Banner will remain quietly confident of making more positive strides in 2019, though sadly Munster, once more, looks untouchable.

17 Cavan

The obvious plus is the ratification of Mickey Graham as boss – the man who guided Mullinalaghta to their historic Leinster Club title. Up in Division 1, they will find the going extremely tough.

18 Carlow

It will take some effort to continue the rising into 2019. But belief and passion is at an all time high, promoted to Division 3 and having beaten Kildare early in the championship.

19 Down

Benny Coulter is involved, which should restore some belief. It’s badly needed. They’ve been in the doldrums for several seasons, compounded by relegation to Division 3. Unlikely to make an impact in Ulster this year.

20 Longford

Expectation will be slightly higher than it’s been in some time following on from Mullinalaghta’s triumph. Nevertheless, they remain a county with scant resources, and will do well to follow up on last years remarkable victory over Meath.

21 Westmeath

They were without a championship win in 2018, beaten by Laois and Armagh. Have come in fits and bursts in recent years, and will hope to rebound in 2019.

22 Sligo

Unlikely to trouble the main teams in Connacht, yet they have held their own consistently in terms of league status and performances. Need something special to push them onto another level.

23 Louth

Well outclassed in Division 2 last year, they were well beaten in the championship by Carlow and then Leitrim. Major improvement is needed to make the Wee county competitive again.

24 Offaly

Not helped by the early managerial controversies in 2018, they just about will contest Division 3 this year. Unlucky to lose out to Clare in the qualifiers last season.

25 Derry

Relegated to the bottom tier and hammered in two championship games, this once proud football county will seek to reclaim their once feared reputation.

26 Leitrim

A fantastic 2018 win over Louth in Carrick-on-Shannon was their highlight, but they will always struggle against larger, more populous and better-resourced counties.

27 Waterford

Historic win over Wexford, but similarly to the likes of Limerick, football remains the poor relation.

28 Wexford

They will be seeking to put a dreadful 2018 behind them, where they lost to Waterford and Laois. 2019 couldn’t be any worse.

29 Antrim

Ulster’s poorest side, they will be targeting once again trying to escape Division 4 in the League.

30 Wicklow

Beat Offaly in Leinster, struggling to reach the heights of previous years.

31 Limerick

A sad Jekyll and Hyde situation between the county’s hurling heroes and their less fortunate footballing comrades. Ronan Lynch adds an unexpected but welcome boost in a county struggling in the code presently.

32 London

Only one win all season, they will be looking to pull off a massive shock when Galway call to Ruislip in May.

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