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Nine nostalgic GAA jersey sponsors

Nostalgia time, who remembers all of these old school jersey sponsors?

For every Tracey Concrete in Fermanagh, or Offaly’s beloved Carroll’s Meats, some county’s have been changing their jersey sponsorship a bit more regularly. Here are some old sponsors teams have had over the years that might strike a nostalgic bell in your head in case you’ve forgotten. From Finches to Barry’s Tea, there’s been some memorable brands emblazoned across our jerseys over the years…

Finches (Tipperary)

A classic, from 1995 to Tipperary’s All-Ireland victory in 2001, before they moved to Enfer. Do they even sell Finches anymore? If not, they need to bring it back and put it straight onto Tipp’s latest jersey.

Barry’s Tea (Cork)

There was only one correct answer for Cork and that was Barry’s Tea, their sponsor between 1991 and 1997. Clean, unobtrusive and unmistakably one of Ireland’s most beloved brands. Bring it back.

Arnotts (Dublin)

Worn from 1991 all the way up until 2009, Arnotts was emblazoned on Dublin’s kit in different formats during that timeframe, but is probably most remembered for the italics version that first appeared in 1998, sported by the likes of Jason Sherlock to great familiarity.

Shaw’s (Limerick)

If you cast your mind back to Limerick in the 90s, the Shaw’s jersey would be just as familiar as Ciarán Carey and his famous point. Red Cow Moran’s Hotel was a close second here, but Shaw’s holds a bit more nostalgic value. In 2019, Limerick have oddly reverted back to the pre-90s fashion of sponsorless jerseys.

Wexford Creamery (Wexford)

The Yellowbellies have had a few great ones over the years, such as Wexford Cheddar and Sportsavers, but we’ve gone for the original Wexford Creamery. Like Arnotts, it started off as plain text in the early 90s, but got a bit fancier as the years went on. For the more obscure jersey aficionados, Wexford were sponsored by Buckler – a Dutch non-alcoholic beer – in 1991, but we can’t find any pictures of it being worn.

Kepak (Meath)

Trevor Giles’ sleeveless jersey is iconic, and therefore so is Kepak. An iconic time in Meath’s history that we’d love to see return.

Tommy Varden Catering (Galway)

Believe it or not, there was a time when Galway wasn’t sponsored by everybody’s favourite Irish fast food chain. In actual fact, the footballers and hurlers operated separately for a number of years and while the hurlers were sporting Supermacs throughout the noughties, the footballers were wearing Tommy Varden sponsored kits until 2008. There was a bit too much text in the early years and it was hard to read from afar, which possibly affected business for Tommy.

Tegral (Kildare)

That icon white shirt sported Tegral from 1994 up until 2012 when they switched to Brady Family Ham. It still feels a bit weird not seeing Tegral on the shirt, as lovely as Brady’s ham is their sponsor just doesn’t fit on Kildare’s plain white kit.

W.J. Dolan (Tyrone)

The sponsor that delivered their first ever All-Ireland Senior Football championship back in 2003, before Rockwell took over and won two more. Sported proudly by Peter Canavan as he lofted the Sam Maguire, tearily eyed, for the first time.

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