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10 things we loved in the GAA this week

Some of the best clips, moments and stories from around the GAA this week.

The kids joining the Limerick warm-down

“That’s what the GAA is all about” is a cliché that gets thrown out far too often. But when you’ve just sat through one of the coldest matches in memory, joining the field with your heroes and All-Ireland champions will warm the bones fairly rapidly. There’s something great about this Limerick team and this helps add to the legend.

Carlow Rising

For a so-called weaker county, Carlow are doing alright. In 2018 they achieved promotion into 1B of the league as well as winning the inaugural Joe McDonagh Cup last July. An incredible journey for the Barrowsiders, and drawing with Galway is an incredible footnote in their story. It may only have been a draw, it may have only been against a depleted Galway side, but tell that to the people of Carlow right now. They’re on an upward trajectory at 100 miles per hour right now.

Leitrim also Rising

Don’t forget about Leitrim. As per the fantastic @GAALeagueTables, they’re currently the top football team in the country, scoring more points than any other county by at least ten scores. It’s terrific to see a county of smaller stature doing so well.

Tipp’s goal against Limerick

Saturday evening was one to forget for Tipperary, but they crafted a beautiful goal. Noel McGrath’s vision, Willie Connors’ inventiveness with the ball and Patrick Maher’s tidy finish.

Niall Morgan’s point for Tyrone

A beautiful score. We’re seeing more and more football goalkeepers roam up the field and results have been hit and miss so far. Morgan ventured forward and his technique to point the score was superb, one you’d watch again and again.

Keith Higgins’ goal for Mayo

Mayo are flying it and James Horan’s return seems to be cultivating something special up in the north west. Keith Higgins has been a mainstay for many years and is going down as one of the best players of the decade. This goal is a decent example of his quality.

And the Mayo move that deserved a goal

Mayo are rolling at the minute and this transition from defence to attack was devastating. It really did deserve a goal at the end.

Meath’s presentation in honour of the victims in Donegal

An uncomprehendingly difficult week for those up in Donegal. To go out and deliver the performance they did was inspiring. It never going to be an easy situation to handle, but Meath did so with class and dignity and the presentation before the game of the four candles in memory of the four lads who lost their lives was top class.

Fitzgibbon Siblings

GAA siblings are fairly common, GAA siblings meeting each other in the Fitzgibbon Cup slightly less so. It was extra cool that Michael and Sean are the sons of DJ Carey, even if it makes us feel very old indeed.

Peter Keane speaking to Kerry fans

The new manager has Kerry in flying form, showing early signs of a bright summer, and showed his class when popping onto a bus full of Kerry fans who had made the trip up to Cavan to support the side to thank them for their support. It’s the little things.

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