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Football Power Rankings: Kerry rise to the top

Kerry and Mayo are the big risers at the top of the pile after a ferocious start to their Allianz Football League campaigns.

Read our pre-season rankings here.

1 Kerry (+4)

The Kingdom jump straight into the top spot in our first edition of our power rankings since the pre-season. We were pretty high on Kerry to begin with, much higher than we were on Mayo for instance, and Kerry’s unbeaten start with three wins from three – including last Saturday’s superb win over Dublin – means they leapfrog from fifth to first.

2 Dublin (-1)

The Dubs slip to second, with two losses from their opening three games. This will surely only be temporary as they prepare to peak closer to the summer finale. More realistically, they’ll be top of the pile again by the end of the league.

3 Mayo (+6)

In our pre-season rankings, we were admittedly low on Mayo, but did note that “they remain the chief challengers to halt the [Dublin] juggernaut”. That’s looking more true as the weeks go one, looking dangerous and confident in James Horan’s second coming.

4 Monaghan (-1)

Monaghan have done very little wrong, beating Dublin on the opening day. They’ve stalled a little since then and drop slightly due to the jump upwards from Mayo and Kerry.

5 Galway (-1)

Galway haven’t done a whole pile wrong either, losing only to Dublin in Croke Park. They weren’t hugely convincing in beating Monaghan last weekend, in what was a fairly drab encounter for both sides.

6 Roscommon (+2)

The Rossies have recovered well after a hiccup in week one at Mayo, beating Monaghan and drawing with Tyrone. They look very much capable of an upset and are a possible dark horse in the summer should they find the right form.

7 Meath (+6)

The Division 2 table toppers jump six places into the top ten. The once shining light of Leinster football aren’t back by any means, but wins against Armagh and Tipperary puts them in a strong position in the division.

8 Donegal (-2)

Good wins against Clare and Meath had Donegal flying, but they were brought back down to earth with a loss to Tipperary at the weekend.

9 Tyrone (-7)

Just a draw props them up in Division 1, with losses to Mayo and Kerry and a draw last weekend against Roscommon. Friendlier tests await which should improve their league standing, but for now it’s a serious drop for the struggling Ulster side.

10 Clare (+6)

A huge win against Cork last weekend favours a hugely developing Clare side. They are showing signs of the Tipperary side that rose above the chasing pack in 2016.

11 Fermanagh (+1)

A win and two draws leaves the Ernesiders as the only unbeaten team in Division 2, but in those three games they’ve only made 23 scores.

12 Tipperary (+3)

Their move upwards is benefited by the drop in teams we had ranked above them. A big win against Donegal in round three should kickstart their season.

13 Kildare (-6)

The Lilywhites have had a mixed season so far, disappointingly so as we had foreseen a better start to 2019. As even as Division 2 is becoming, Kildare seem unlikely to finish in the top half.

14 Armagh (-4)

Another side that have disappointed so far, failing to win any of their three games. They host Tipperary and Fermanagh in games that could yet rescue their season.

15 Laois (-4)

Laid an egg against Louth, but big wins against Down and Sligo have them on the cusp of promotion to Division 2.

16 Cavan (+1)

Cavan have yet to earn a single point in Division 1, but are boosted by the fact that teams we had ranked ahead of them have disappointed. In fairness, they acquitted themselves well against Galway and Kerry and weren’t a million miles off the pace against Mayo. Are definitely capable of a scalp against Monaghan or Tyrone.

17 Longford (+3)

Division 3’s only unbeaten county, with wins over Louth and Carlow and a draw against Offaly. Their games against Down and Laois will tell us more.

18 Cork (-4)

Just one point, a draw in Fermanagh, props Cork up in Division 2. It hasn’t been good and the massive defeat to Clare shows how far they are behind.

19 Louth (+4)

Two wins from their opening games, including a fine win against Laois, has Louth in the promotion conversation from Division 3.

20 Down (-1)

Another side with two wins from their opening three games. Their games against Longford and Louth will tell us more about their promotion aspirations.

21 Leitrim (+5)

The Division 4 table toppers have taken the league by storm with their high scoring victories. Tougher tests are on the horizon, mainly from Derry, where a win would really put down a marker.

22 Derry (+3)

Derry are flying it too, with three wins from three. They’ve been slightly overshadowed by Leitrim down in Division 4, but they won’t mind as they navigate a path of return to Division 3.

23 Carlow (-5)

A good win to start off against Sligo, followed by a draw to Westmeath and a loss to Longford. We were high on Carlow coming into the league but they face tough opposition ahead in Laois, Down and Louth.

24 Westmeath (-3)

The Lake County had a good win against Offaly to kick off their league but a draw to Carlow and a narrow defeat to Down followed. As with Carlow, tough tests lay ahead.

25 Wicklow (+5)

Wins against Waterford and Limerick sandwich a loss to Leitrim in Division 4. Are unlucky to be up against strong Derry and Leitrim sides in the battle for promotion.

26 Offaly (-2)

A draw against Longford is all that props them up in the table in Division 3.

27 Limerick (+4)

Got off to a fine start with two wins in their opening two against London and Waterford but lost to Leitrim last time out.

28 Sligo (-6)

A dismal start in Division 3 with three losses, most recently losing by eight points to Laois. Relegation looms for the once competitive Connacht side.

29 London (+3)

Our pre-season bottom ranked side picked up a nice nine-point win last time out against Waterford.

30 Wexford (-2)

One win keeps them off the bottom in Division 4, but the loss to London is not a good mark on their 2019 copybook.

31 Antrim (-2)

Three losses, but they’ve been competitive in all three, including two one-point losses.

32 Waterford (-5)

A close loss to Wicklow on the opening weekend following by defeats to Limerick and Derry. It’s hard to see them climbing out of the #32 basement.

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