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The mission for GAA Wrap is to deliver wide-ranging, high quality GAA content. It is an independent platform and aims to publish unique content on all facets of the GAA, including hurling and football of all levels, camogie and ladies football.

Our main goal is to publish longform writing in various formats, such as opinion-based articles, feature articles on particular characters and areas of the game, interviews, analytical pieces and more.

In addition, we hope to deliver regular columns and stories which keep the everyday GAA fan updated and informed on all things GAA.

We can’t deliver news stories on a regular, timely basis, so don’t expect 24/7 coverage. We do have a section for news stories, however, and will aim to update as often as possible. Do note that the website is voluntarily run, and will have to rely heavily on other sources for news stories and quotes. All quotes and references will be credited to the source accordingly.

The site was launhced in early 2018. In a previous lifetime, the website and its social channels operated as The Con – a sports and culture writing website – but due to various reasons, transitioned into a GAA-only platform, the GAA Wrap.


Such is the wide scope of the GAA, we are actively seeking contributors to the website to help cover as many areas as possible. We are happy to receive submissions and requests to join the team, regardless of age or previous writing experience. If you’re interested in joining the team, just send us a message or email and we’ll aim to reply in the following 48 hours.

If you are applying to join the team of writers, we would appreciate your own ideas and suggestions for GAA content that would work great on the website. Some background on yourself, such as where you’re from, your interests in hurling/football would be helpful also.

If you are sending a submission, please send it in Microsoft Word format or paste into the body of the email. Our bottom line is quality versus quantity, so not everything we receive will be published on the website. We will acknowledge all submissions.

Social Media

We are currently on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Our Twitter account was previously @hurlingnews, which tweeted GAA news stories from around the country, and the same ownership oversees GAA Wrap. We are happy to accept social submissions and welcome requests to help administer our platforms.


We are happy to listen to any and all advertising opportunities, no matter how large or local your business is. We can provide advertising on the website itself, or through any of our social channels. Just send us an email and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.


You can email us or use the submission form provided here. Alternatively, just tweet us @gaawrap.


All images on the website are sourced from the watermarked databases provided by Sportsfile and Inpho. Some imagery may be sourced from freelance photographers, who will be credited accordingly. In the event of an image causing copyright issues or having no credit, or have some imagery you’d like us to use, please send us an email.